While the world is still short on experience regarding onboard ballast water treatment systems, it will experience a dramatic surge in BWMS in the next decade. Even with such severe changes in the environment and the shipping industry, our company is well positioned to quickly adapt to customer needs and will continue to rapidly evolve the JFE BallastAce® system to meet the changing nature of the world’s marine economy and environments. With our vitality demonstrated over more than a century of successful business operations based on a solid foundation, we are certain to provide long-term support well after installation to all our customers.

Corporate Data

Corporate Data

Company Name JFE Engineering Corporation
Head Office Tokyo Head Office: Marunouchi Trust Tower North, 1-8-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005, Japan
Yokohama Head Office: 2-1, Suehiro-cho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama 230-8611, Japan
Number of Employees Group-wide: approximately 9,000
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Corporate History

JFE Engineering is the comprehensive engineering arm of the JFE Group, which was created as the result of the merger of two of the largest steel making companies in Japan – NKK and Kawasaki Steel. Since NKK’s founding in 1902, the company has vastly expanded its engineering business and underpins people’s lives and industries in the fields of energy and the environment, while providing the foundations of a solid social structure through the constant fusing and evolving of its technologies, which are deeply rooted in the traditions of steelmaking and shipbuilding.
Our boundless missions are out there as long as people in the world continue to seek a more comfortable and better life. JFE Engineering Group will keep providing societies and industries with optimal solutions as a company that “creates, evolves, and continues to care for the foundation of life.”

Corporate HistoryHaving its roots in "Steelmaking" and "Shipbuilding"


The fusion of key technologies has led to significant improvements and developments in relevant industrial components. Among these, the high level of technological advancement in the fields of shipbuilding, water-treatment, and piping have been a great driving force in the development of ballast water treatment systems, which require a wide range of technological elements.


JFE BallastAce® History

Utilizing the already advanced existing technology of JFE Group, the Research and Development enterprise of JFE BallastAce® was initiated. After 7 years of meticulous research and development, the first commercial JFE BallastAce® was installed in 2010. This also marked the first successful retro-fitting project on a merchant vessel by JFE as a Japanese BWMS maker. Since that time, our business has continued to grow, supported by vigorous business between Japanese shipbuilders and a well-earned reputation of quality from ship owners. This network has allowed us to continue developing and improving our systems, a mission to which we will always be devoted.

JFE BallastAce® HistoryJFE BallastAce® History